Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Never Been a Winner!

I enjoyed all your comments, although I still can't figure out which two of Lott's three will never change. Were you announcing something Lott? :)

Before we get to the good news, I have to share more good news with you. I've been sending my book out to book review blogs, and two of the reviews have just come in. You're gonna want to read this gushing review by the fabulous Tristi Pinkston. And then there's another good review by the wonderful I'd So Rather Be Reading Blog. If you're coming up dry on books to read, that's a great place to get some ideas.

So now on to our winner. This week's prize is a *signed* copy of Generations. This is the first time I've given away my book on my blog. I'd say it's just like my library books--a bit overdue.

And the winner is ... is ... is. Ok, hold on a second. I know this is strange, but the winning number is the same as last week's. But here's this week's picture from

And here's last week's picture:

You can see that the pictures are different, right? I don't want to be accused accepting bribes or anything. So believe it or not, #6 was again the winner. However, it was a different sister this time. Congrats Janice. And I couldn't agree with you more: Robert Pattinson is NOT good looking.

If you've never been a winner on this blog, keep trying. Luck will soon be on your side, I can tell. And don't sit around and wait to be commenter #6. 

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